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Fox Valley Environmental Pest Control - Certified and Experienced


Fox Valley Environmental began in 1990 as Fox Valley Termite and Pest Control, with the same vision, beliefs, and goals which we have today. At that time, most pest control companies insisted upon invasive visits each month, in which they treated inside every month (whether you needed it or not). These treatments consisted of spraying baseboards, window frames, some wall and ceiling corners. (Many companies continue these unnecessary, invasive, and unhealthy practices even today.)


Our belief was and still is...The battle against pests should be fought OUTSIDE to keep both the pests, AND THE PESTICIDES outside.


We began the practice of regular preventative outside treatments, which is now the norm for most pest control companies in Northern Illinois. Over the last 24 years we have changed the face of pest control, have become the standard for pest control in the Chicagoland area, and we continue to "raise the bar" as the most environmentally safe and concious pest control company.


Our Beliefs:


  • Our clients deserve to live in a safe, clean, comfortable home environment

  • Fast, Personal Service. One service person for each client 99% at this time

  • Respect for the individual

Our Goals: To leave our clients with peace of mind...


  • That their problem is under control

  • That their home is at least as safe, clean, and comfortable as when we arrived.


Our phones are answered by University Trained - State of Illinois Certified Techs from 8AM-5PM (Mon-Fri) So... even if you just have a question, give us a call. We can help!!


Call us for a telephone consultation or a FREE on-site quote ALWAYS performed by a certified technician. 

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