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FVE is currently hiring and, in addition to health benefits, is pleased to offer the career benefits shown below.  


Purdue University Training Plus O.J.T... We are proud to provide extensive training via Purdue Universities 'Pest Control Operations' course, in addition to approximately one year of On-The-Job training, while our student trainees assist an already certified technician,


On-going Micro-Environment Training...  At FVE every technician receives on-going education in many aspects of our clients home environments, ( air quality improvement, allergen/viral mitigation, pest control, comfort control, moisture and mold control, more),


Ownership for Workers Now... O.W.N.  encourages technicians to grow and, over time, become up to 50% vested in a client base, which they will take with them once they have gained the resources necessary to start a company of their own. 


FVE is an equal opportunity employer, that provides career opportunities for energetic high school grads or GED, who desire to improve their knowledge in the fields of protective health as it relates to the residential environments.  while no experience is necessary, some interest in chemistry and/or biology is helpful.


To apply call 630-513-8120, or send resume to

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