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(Flying) Hibernating Pests

Fox Valley Environmental Pest Control - Certified and Experienced



All of the pests listed below leave feeding areas and begin to land on sunny homes, for warmth, after the first cold snap, usually in September. As each evening wears on, and the homes siding becomes cool they move into cracks and crevices, and huddle together for warmth. Each warm day, much to your frustration, many, (but not all), of the pests come back out to bask in the sunlight, and then go back inside at night, where they eventually will hibernate during Winter. In Spring they become as much of a problem getting into doors and windows, as they were in Autumn, because they fly in and out for perhaps a month, as they are reluctant to leave the warmth of their resting place.


Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs can make your home smell like dirty gym socks.




Why do they like MY home? They prefer basking on they sunny sides of homes that have a “just right” temperature. There will also be a feeding area in close proximity to your home.


Do they do any damage? Stains and Permanent odors that pests leave may lower a homes value, and harm air quality.


Are they Dangerous? Yes. Poor air quality from pest debris build up inside homes can lead to Asthma, a major concern affecting more than 1 in 11 children in this area.


How can I control them?  INSIDE: Simply use your vacuum hose, instead of pesticides. OUTSIDE: Soap and water will kill every one you hit, but expect to be spraying every day for about a month, to reduce the population very little. Caulking, on the other hand works.


- Caulk windows inside and out. - Weather strip entry doors and/or install door sweeps, - Close crawl space entry vents just before winter, - Caulk gas lines, air conditioning lines around the foundation.


At Fox Valley Environmental we believe that the battle should be fought outside, to keep pests and pesticides out. For hibernating pests this means treating each and every crack and crevice, where pests are expected to enter, from eaves to foundation wall, using environmentally responsible products and techniques.


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